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Hi! I'm Sam, the proud owner of Shake 'n' Scoop. This is the story about how the business began and how far it's come.


.... a lot of hard work and a few splinters later, we'd built a bar! We made a canopy for it out of some spare vintage material we had tucked away and nicknamed it 'The Shack'.  We decided to turn it into a little pop up business that could be travelled around with, and what better way than to serve everybody's favourite treat - ice cream!


Now Shake 'n Scoop is a full-time operation with an exceptional team of Regional Agents and event staff travelling all over the UK , serving guests at weddings, parties and celebrations  - come rain or shine!

We are passionate about upcyling and giving unwanted items a new lease of life. So when we acquired a pile of old wooden pallets, we were inspired to transform them into something exciting....

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