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Crowd Pleasers


Fairy Cake Batter: Remember baking fairy cakes with Nanna and licking the sweet gloopy cake batter mix from the spoon? Well we’ve captured that moment and put it in an ice cream complete with 100’s & 1000’s sprinkles on top.


Sticky Toffee Pudding: a soft sponge base with scoops of creamy toffee ice cream topped with chunks of toffee fudge and a sticky toffee drizzle


Honeycomb: a creamy honeycomb ice cream topped with a chunk of honeycomb and rich chocolate drizzle


Fudge & clotted cream:a creamy fudge and clotted cream ice cream topped with chunks of fudge and a sticky fudge sauce


Oreo Cookie: Oreo cookie and double cream ice cream topped with crumbled Oreo Cookies and a rich chocolate drizzle


Vanilla Pod: a vanilla pod ice cream – pure and simple!