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By guest, Apr 2 2015 11:04PM

I am so excited to get into the blogging world with Shake 'n' Scoop!

We have so many exciting things going on at the moment within the business and within the wedding industry in general so this will be a great way for me to keep up with you all and share the things that are happening.

So one of the first things - we've moved, we are still based in the same sort of area, we have just moved across the border to Buckinghamshire (just) and are now in the beautiful little village of North Crawley, just between Cranfield and Newport Pagnell.

The ice creams are still produced locally in Biggleswade and we don't plan on that changing anytime soon - why change a winning formula huh?

We have exciting new things happening on our social media platforms - I will be running a competition shortly across Facebook and Instagram, and we are now excited to anounce we are omn Puinterest as well.

I will be hoping to post on here regularly so you can all follow the exiciting things happening in the world of weddings!

Speak soon :)

Sam xx

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